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Who are FiatSupaSaver?

FiatSupaSaver is an Internet and telephone based company supplying discounted new Fiats to the public .
We are part of a limited company and a group of franchised dealers across the UK.
Our Sales team all come from a Fiat background ensuring that not only do we probably know more about Fiats than anyone else but we always offer the very best deals and levels of customer care.

Do the cars come with a warranty?

All our new Fiats come with the full 3 years warranty and 1 year AA Cover. Terms and conditions can be found in the service book.

Are the cars imported?

All cars are sourced from within the UK and are not imported.

Are the cars new or used?

All cars are brand new.

Can I test-drive the cars on offer?

We are presently unable to offer this service, however you can contact your local dealer to arrange a test drive and then come back to FiatSupaSaver and take advantage of the huge savings we can offer you.

What if I have questions about the specifications or any technical queries about the Fiat range?

Our sales team are fully trained and attend regular training courses to ensure we are up to date with all the latest information, please contact us with any questions you may have.

How much is the deposit and how can I pay it?

You can pay your deposit by any of the following methods: bank transfer, bankers draft, Visa, MasterCard or Switch whatever suits you. We normally ask for a £500 deposit.

How will you manage my order?

Once you have paid your deposit on your new Fiat we will send you a purchase order form in the post the very same day for you to check the details and return to us signed in the prepaid envelope. One of our sales team will update you with the progress of your order and liase with you to ensure a smooth transition of the car to you. We aim to provide you with sound advice on all aspects of your car's order and will be able to answer any questions you have on the vehicle you ordered, your contract or any other queries you have. We will keep you up to date via telephone, e-mail or fax. You tell us how and when you would like to be communicated with and we will aim to ensure it happens.

When will I need to pay the balance of my car and how?

No, all our cars come with at least 6 months Road Tax and number plates at no extra costs. Some vehicles such as the Panda Diesel all come with 12 months Road Tax.

Will the car be up to standard when I pick it up?

No, all our cars come with at least 6 months Road Tax and number plates at no extra costs. Some vehicles such as the Panda Diesel all come with 12 months Road Tax.

How will the car be prepared for me?

All cars are given a full valet prior to delivery. Why not ask about Supaguard, the perfect finish for your new vehicle.

Can I choose my own number plates?

The registration numbers are predetermined by DVLA, so you are not able to choose your own.

How will I take receipt of my new Fiat?

You choose if you want your new Fiat delivered to your home or if you would rather collect it directly from FiatSupaSaver when confirming your order. There is a small charge for delivery.

Will my price increase after I order the car?

Once you place an order the prices are fixed and will not increase.

Can you arrange finance?

Yes, please ask for details.

What are the typical delivery times?

If Fiat has the Vehicle you ordered in stock within the UK, we would hope to see a 7-10 day delivery time to you. Sometimes the cars need to be ordered from the Fiat Factory this normally happens when the car is not standard and you have requested some options, in this case delivery is usually 6-8 weeks. We can check all Fiat stock levels and inform you of an approximate delivery time before you place the order.

Why can't you provide me with an exact date that I will have my car?

We can only provide an exact delivery date when your car has arrived here at FiatSupaSaver and has been through its Pre Delivery Inspection. Manufacturers and suppliers can only provide estimated dates when the orders are placed and they are subject to movement either forward or backward. Therefore, we are not able to promise more than they can until your car has arrived and been through its full manufacturer inspection

Will my local supplier be able to service and maintain my car after delivery?

Your local Fiat dealership or approved service centre will be able to carry out all the servicing and maintenance your car may need.

Will you take my vehicle in part exchanges?

We do not take part exchanges at this time, this is due to wanting to use all of our resources to bring you the lowest prices on new Fiats.

Will I be the first registered keeper?

Yes, you would be the first registered keeper unless otherwise stated.

Can I transfer my private number plate to my new vehicle?

We can offer this service, however there is a £99 administration fee plus any costs the DVLA may charge for the transfer.

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