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New Panda 2012 0.9 Easy TwinAir 85hp

List Price: £10945.00
Saving: £1950.00
Our Price: £8995.00

Fuel: Petrol

Direct from a UK main dealer. The Fiat Panda is synonymous with the city car segment. When the second-generation version arrived in 2003 it re-established Fiats reputation as a builder of smart small cars - not necessarily the best on the market but an intelligent blend of desirable attributes including cost, efficiency and functional design. Between this and the first generation, Fiat has sold over 6.4 million examples of the Panda, and when the time came to design a new one it took the firm decision that it was not going to mess about with the current formula too much. The new 2012 Panda car looks similar, but is now slightly larger, with more rounded corners for a soft but strong appearance, the engine line up continues to offer a good cost to efficiency balance and the interior gains in style and quality while also becoming more practical.